Harps and Harps is a main dealer for Camac Pedal, electric/acoustic, electric and Celtic Harps in Australia and New Zealand.  We not only sell but service these harps. See our store for Camac harps in stock

We decided to become a Dealer for Camac Harps as we believe that Camac Harps are more technically advanced than others available.  Not only are they modern, but they are also very economical with the bonus that they sound consistently great.

Camac Harps attention to design, innovation and diversity, simple to play beautiful to hear

The full Camac range of harps; offer quality wood from around the world, some rare woods, beautiful finishes with a variety of sizes and price range for most players. Their full, outstanding clear sounding harps, balanced thru all octaves, through all models, are very popular through Europe and now in Australia.

Oriane 47 Palissandre top

Camac are known for their many majestic models of full Concert Pedal harps, with 44 – 47 strings, straight and extended from the “Clio 44, Schola 46, Athena 47, Vendome 47, Atlantide Prestige 47, Trianon 47, Elysee 47, Oriane 44 & 47,  Little 44 and Big Blue 47. 
Offering are a choice of Classique Concert weight gut or English gauge gut and stunning colour options. The many engineering innovations and construction details mean a superior designed harp with features such as “do it yourself” regulation of over/under and lighter weight.

Camac has pioneered the work, innovation, and production of their fully electric harps incorporating with Deborah Henson-Conant proto type harps now the True Fire Carbon Fibre line.
Electric Lever Harp range “Electro 30, Blue Light 32, (carbon Fibre) Electro 36” with tripod stands from seating to standing position, and full harnesses for stage work.

Full Electric Acoustic Pedal harps “the big & little blue”, Midi Pedal Harp and full Electric AcousticLever harp as the “Mélusine de Concert” currently in stock.

Camac Lever Harps have 10 acoustic models – “Bardic 27 & 22 Camac Nylon, Hermine 34 Alliance, Janet 34 Camac Nylon, Aziliz 34 Alliance, Telenn 34 Classique Gut, Mélusine 38 Camac Nylon, Korrigan 38 Classique gut, Mélusine 38 de Concert 38 Camac Nylon, Mademoiselle 40 Classique gut or Folk Gut, Stivell 38 Folk Gut”.

Lesser known in Australia until recently is their affordable and high quality Lever harps.  They come with a variety of styles, some with a primary Celtic style and others with a classic Lever Harp style.  These harps offer players many harps to choose from in either gut or nylon, small to Concert.
With their high quality Camac levers, range of Camac own made strings, using lever gauge bass strings, each harp has balanced sound through the whole harp for that model. They offer the player precise and enduing bass tones, not too heavy, or muddy, easier to roll clean chords, or accentuating drones, single notes or simple to complex left hand patterns. Camac also offers different gut tension & gauge. From the Folk/ light gut, to the Classique gut also used on the Concert harps and differing grades of Nylon there is so much to choose from to match your special needs. They have made harps to fit all players, not one harp all players have to fit!

Two special Design model in the Celtic Range
The “Janet 34 strung Harp” was co-developed with Janet Habinson, made from Walnut wood, and lighter Nylon string tension, slightly narrower string width at 129 cm high and only 10 kilos offers the perfect Irish qualities in a harp.
The “Stivell” assisted in the design phase by the great Celtic Harpist Alan Stivell, has deep resonance, well balanced thru bass, mid and top octaves, a double sound board and light Folk lever gut for the softer folk sound and speed, designed as a concert harp this harp has all the qualities one would expect.
Many of these models are on our floor now in the new or used sections or on their way soon.

Check out the Camac website,  then contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for any additional information and pricing.

You can view the Camac catalogues here