dusty Harps and Harps are authorised sales and service agents for Dusty Strings a highly respected, innovative and long established harp and hammered dulcimer company located in Seattle Washington USA. We sell Dusty Strings Harps because we think very highly about these harps and the great company behind them.


  All of Dusty Strings products are offered here in Australia, delivered to you with prices in Australian Dollars with all shipping, customs, taxes and fees taken care of for you.  We service what we sell.
We usually have many Dusty Strings harps in stock and on display with a good selection of models.  If we do not have it in stock we can usually get the harp of your choice on short notice.
Of particular interest are the Ravenna 34 and Ravenna 26 budget minded harps which are innovative, yet have a great sound and look. The Ravenna series has an optional built in extendable leg as well as numerous accessories which are available. These models are usually in stock with various lever combinations.
Additionally the top of the line  FH series harps are beautiful to look at and have an exceptional sound.  We also stock the mid range Crescendo 34 and Allegro 26
We import these great harps with high quality padded bags and most asked for accessories.