Therapy Psaltery


Make soothing music, no practice or prior musical training needed

Never before has there been an instrument that so easily lends itself to such a wide variety of therapeutic situations.
Designed and invented in collaboration with Australian music thanatologist Peter Roberts, the Reverie Harp is fast becoming a must-have tool for music therapists, visitation ministers/chaplains, activity directors, and nursing homes care-givers.
Why is this instrument so successful?
• Beautiful shape is inviting - everyone wants to hold this instrument
• Lightweight and comfortable to hold for even the most frail individuals
• Pentatonic tuning means there is simply no wrong way to play this instrument
• Players love feeling the vibrations through the wood

It is an ideal therapeutic tool for interaction with: the elderly and infirm, those with physical and other limitations, as well as mediation groups and people of all ages.

It has a restful, dreamy sound, feels comforting to hold and can be played in a sitting position, while lying in bed or standing. It has smooth rounded sides.