Harpsicle Range


The basic Harpsicle without levers (and can not be added)

The Sharpsicle levers of F and Cs and more can be added

The Flatsicle levers on F, C and Bs and more can be added

The Fullsicle, full levers

The Harpsicle® Harp has become the best-selling harp in the world. People take these little harps to places harps have never been and using them in ways never imagined.

It was originally designed as a beginner’s instrument but professionals around the globe use them as their travel harp, the one they can toss into the airline overhead. Harp teachers describe all the innovative ways they are using them in classrooms and in private lessons. Therapists and outreach programs use them to connect people to the world and back to themselves. And beginners flock to them.

They have taken the limits off the harp and set it free. Where will you take yours and where will yours take you?