Infinity 36


HeartLand “Infinity and Legend Models”

Super light weight 36 Nylon strung Carbon Fibre Harps – designed to withstand extremes; from high to low temperatures, high to low humidity, withstanding falls, Can leave in car, keep in case and carry with one hand. You will never need another harp. For all players from children to wise elders and players with special needs! The two models have full and resonate sound, medium to firm string tension, concert spacing, with gold Truitt levers and trim, installed pick-ups, quality cases, ergonomic tuning keys.

The Infinity 36 Model

Natural high gloss carbon Black, height 107 cm, weight 4 kilos, Curved flat yet smoothly rounded back, smallest model with built in drop down support leg offering playing heights from sitting position to standing. Most popular for its convenient size, big sound and so light!

The 36 String Infinity, 36 string Legend and 38 string Delight can be ordered.