Below are some comments made by either customers of Harps and Harps or by those who have experienced our harps.

“I have had the pleasure of playing a Brandden Lassells harp recently.  I was most impressed with the sound quality and fine workmanship of this instrument.  The dynamic range was widely varied due to the unusually full, rich sound and I found the string tension to be evenly and suitable taut.

I have no hesitation in recommending Brandden’s harps as an excellent investment for any harpist and recommending Brandden himself as an excellent and caring craftsman.”

Louise Johnson, Principal harp, Sydney Symphony Orchestra, teacher and International performer. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Hi everybody!
I’ve been meaning to post for a few months now about my experience with one
of Brandden Lassells’ harps, but better late than never, eh?
At the Somerset (USA) Folk Harp Festival this past July I had the very good
fortune of seeing, hearing and playing one of Brandden’s instruments, a
“Southern Cross” 22/16 cross-strung lap harp (proudly owned by S….
W…, hi Sam!).  I was *extremely* impressed.  Despite its small size, this
harp had a strikingly big, open, and resonant voice; the string angles and
spacing were excellent; and the craftsmanship and finish work were gorgeous.
If this instrument is any indication of what Brandden’s other harps are
like — and I have every reason to believe it is –, I very heartily
recommend that anyone with an eye or a yearning for a very fine harp take a
virtual visit to his shop in Australia.  He makes quite a few models of folk
harps, and as well as custom-designed pedal harps (with Camac action), plus
of course the cross-strung and other harps.  Given current exchange rates,
his prices are amazingly good too.
In case you missed it from his posts here, he is obviously an artisan (and
innovator) with a keen eye for detail, and having spoken with him via phone
a few times I am happy to say he’s very personable as well.  His website is
The usual disclaimers apply, just an impressed harp aficionado here… with
a serious case of harp lust for one of his Southern Cross 36/25′s.     So
many harps, so little time!
As always –
Harper Tasche, Seattle, USA“I am delighted with my beautifully crafted harp.  Its sound is vibrant and resonant and the balance of the strings moving from treble to bass is well graded.  Combined, this makes an attractive, easily played instrument that has a rewarding sound.

I was impressed with Brandden’s technical knowledge and at the same time his ability to work flexibility and creatively with me the client to provide a truly customized instrument.

Brandden has made himself available to me during and after the making of my harp to answer any queries and curiosities I have had about harp making.

I enthusiastically endorse both his products and his service”

Jan Couchman, Music lecturer/performer/teacher, Woy Woy NSW, Australia

“Brandden Lassells of Harps and Harps has constructed a 40 string non-pedal fully levered harp for me.  This harp has surpassed my expectations and has been a joy to play.  It has a magnificent tone and keeps the tuning well and is well balanced.  The workmanship is of very fine quality making it a beautiful instrument both visually and to play.  Brandden offered a number of designs and a wide selection of woods from which to choose and was most helpful during the design phase and built exactly to specifications.  He is most knowledgeable and has given me helpful advise and support following delivery.  I would have no hesitation in ordering another harp from Brandden.” M. K., Sydney…….”By the way I had my first harp lesson with …….. who used to play harp with the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra.  She played my harp and was very impressed with the quality of the sound and balance. Just thought you would like to know.” J. W. Sydney,

 ”thank you once again for your wonderful work, it is sounding absolutely divine. Please thank Carol for me for the beautiful dragon she has created, it is perfect.
Your effects have made the harp so very special to me.
 Thank you!  ”

J. Z.,

“Brandden, just to let you know one year on…the harp has been a great success. She got a new teacher 6 months ago and has gone ahead in strides. The harp still sounds fantastic. Everyone here in Melbourne including the teachers are impressed with it’s rich sound.  At a harp concert today there were a couple of other larger instruments including a big concert model and quite frankly the sound from my daughters’ was (to my biased ears!) better…pure and clean. I’d be most surprised if she will ever trade this instrument…it has also proved robust and easy to transport around. It has been in School concerts, even playing with a brass band!………. She has even busked with it. I’m sure we’ll be around in Gosford sometime in the next year adding the extra levers. Thanks again” A.  B., Melbourne Australia

“I wasn’t going to bother you again, but thought I’d let you know that A. and I played a gig on Saturday, and much to my chagrin, not a single ohh or ahh was made over my harp (by another maker).  Your Kyla got all the attention, and she did a wonderful job and sounded beautiful.” M., California, USA

…….”the harp is really beautiful with an absolutely beautiful, full sound.  All the notes sound as if they come from the same harp, which not all harps can claim as a salient feature.  I instantly fell in love with the note soundings of this harp; they are as good if not better than what I heard on the sound samples on your website.  I even did a few recordings of the harp on my tape player and god did it sound beautiful.  This harp has surpassed my expectations in terms of the beauty of its sound.  A job well done Brandden!”
RT, New Mexico, USA

Harp has arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!It is beautiful and sounds fantastic. Will be in
touch soon. Such  beautiful instrument warrants a cover-do you make them?
A., Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Hi Brandden, So good to hear from you.  I absolutely love my harp so it will be very easy to recommend you to anyone.  I’ve been out of town for the past four days or I would have responded to you sooner.  I will go ahead and email your potential customer and let her know how satisfied I am with the harp you made for me……….  

Dear ….,
Brandden Lassells gave me your name and asked me to give you some feedback regarding my harp which you saw on his website.  Everything about the harp was custom-tailored to my specifications, including the column, the choice of woods, artwork and so on.  So it is a unique creation!
The harp is as beautiful to hear as it is to see and I have had many comments regarding the beauty of its tone.  Additionally,  Brandden is an expert as to detail and craftsmanship and throughout my dealings with him, he was flexible, conscientious and exhibited an admirable level of high quality professionalism.  You would not be disappointed with any instrument he created, I assure you.
If you have any specific questions that you would like to ask me, please feel free to email me. 
Best of Luck,
J. S.  Georgia, USA
Certified Music Practitioner

We’ve been staggered by the detail and efficiency of your communications
and are very much looking forward to working with you in the future.
YOU ARE AWESOME. K. W. Suva, Fiji Islands

“I got your harp which is a pure wonder! Such a beautiful strong presence filling the room! A fairy! This morning the music of it took my saddened heart to a world of wonder and I cried and cried, and my pain was just washed away…it was pure magic!!!So many thanks then for your magnificent work

with sincere gratitude,”  A.

And he sent a second testimonial, the same happy owner

“your harp is not just a harp but a boat to fairyland!!! it just touches my heart so much thank you so much with a lot of appreciation for your wonderful job”

 A., Madras, India

Love the harp – the sound is truly wonderful, even when I can’t play a tune yet. I have to walk past and give it a pluck everyday. S. P. Sydney

A happy customer with 2 of his harps by Harps and Harps, DH, Brisbane QLD Australia   

Testimonial from our customer in Belgium after receiving her new Chromatic harp by Harps and Harps
The harp has arrived at 15.00 hours today! It has been scheduled for tomorrow, but it is here already. After unpacking (pffff... a really goodpackage) he now can acclimatize.
The harp is even more beautiful as on the pictures you have sent. And the tuning key is beautiful! 
I have tried the strings (not tuned yet) and the sound I great. I will wait a bit to tune it ti let the harp acclimatize. When can I start to tune the harp? 
Thank you so much for this great harp!
I do like the NylGut strings more than the gut strings of my pedal harp. They stay in tune better and there is no need of using animals for these strings.
In fact,  I like the chromatic already more than my pedal harp although I can't play the chromatic harp very well yet. Playing chromatic is so much more "natural" than playing with pedals. I am even thinking of selling my pedal harp in the near future! This chromatic harp and a little Celtic harp will be enough for me I guess. 
Kind regards,