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Carbon Fibre Harps

Australian designed and made,
Australia’s first and only fully carbon fibre harps

Carbon fibre is a high tech material, often used in aerospace, civil engineering, military, high end sports cars, bicycles and now harps; anywhere that strength, durability and light weight are important factors. Many designers and prestigious brands are now using this premium material due to its unique properties and high tech look. Carbon fibre’s weight to strength ratio is astonishing; it is stronger than steel yet lighter than aluminium.

Harps and Harps have embraced this technology and we now produce two lightweight carbon fibre harp models, a 36 string and a 26 string available in either single or double strung versions. The fabrication technique and design that we use allows us to get a warm resonate sound that many marvel at.

Standard Kyla 36 version is $10,875, with clear coated natural black carbon
fibre weave. Light weight, under 7 Kg depending on option

It includes Camac nickel (silver coloured) levers with matching silver coloured pins
Choice of gold, silver or black accent/trim tape
Extra options:
Add ons Price
Camac gold levers and matching pins
Camac dark nickel levers and matching pins
Paint, standard automotive colours
Carry Bag
Adjustable Stand for Songbird 26
Pick up installed:
Add ons Price
Schaller single with jack
Dusty Strings 4 pickup system with jack
Fully acoustic/electric with a pickup on each string

Two variations shown, one painted gold with a pickup on each string including gold hardware and one a clear coat standard version.

harps and harps carbon fibr

We also make a light weight Song Bird 26 Carbon Fibre Therapy Harp

This new Therapy 26 string harp is very unique in its shape which is designed to fit comfortably between your legs without a strap or lap bar. This shape also provides an extra-large soundboard for exceptional sound. It has a comfortable slightly rounded back to fit comfortably on the chest while laying down for vibrational therapy. It is stable with the use of the included strap for walking or standing.

harps and harps Carbon harps making rotated
harps and harps Carbon harps making 2 rotated

Standard finish is your choice of any basic automotive paint and comes with full gold Camac levers. Weight is under 4 kg. The cost $7,475 and is also available as an optional double-strung harp. The bag if wanted is extra at $525.

To listen to this harp being played by Rowena Thomas, check out this YouTube clip. Accompaniment by Yuki.

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