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Strings and Accessories

We have a large range of replacement strings not only for the harps that we sell but harps by many other makers including concert strings by Bow Brand, Burgundy and Camac. The spread sheet with costs which follows will give you an idea of what we have available.

A bit of background is that unlike piano octaves that run from B to C, octaves on a harp run from E to F. Also the first harp octave is in the treble going to the bass whereas the piano octaves go in the reverse direction. Lever harps do not necessarily start at the beginning of the first octave. Historically pedal harps have defined the harp octaves, for example the Grecian harp started with an E at the beginning of the 1st octave but later the pedal harp range of the Gothic harps and today’s modern pedal harp had higher notes, hence the “0” octave or “0”, “00” and “000”.

Harp strings come in a variety of gauges and materials and it is important that you install the correct string on your harp or damage may result. Do not assume that two harps with the same number of strings us the same gauge strings as every model can be different. Wrapped nylon strings are unique to each harp model and are not interchangeable. You should receive a string list when you purchase your harp so that you know what strings are needed. If not, we can usually help.
Since there is often confusion on how to designate the string you want and to determine the harp octave we will provide two charts to assist you. It can be confusing but it is crucial if you want the proper string. If you know the harp octave and note for gut strings that makes it easy otherwise check out these charts. For most lever harps if you tell us the model and maker of your harp and then the string number, note (and string type if known), we can easily work from there. The string number is the number counting down from #1 being the shortest string. For example, Kyla 36 #22 C, nylon wrapped nylon.

Harp/Piano Octaves

Typical Lever String

Typical Lever String

Pedal String No.Harp String No.NoteHarp OctavePiano OctaveTypical Pedal TypeHz
36 String34 String1OOG07Nylon
1 53C17Nylon2093
2 64B16Nylon
32303634G52Wire Wound
33313735F52Wire Wound
34323836E62Wire Wound
35333937D62Wire Wound
36344038C62Wire Wound66.4
4139B61Wire Wound
4240A61Wire Wound
4341G61Wire Wound
4442F61Wire Wound
4543E71Wire Wound
4644D71Wire Wound
4745C71Wire Wound32.7

Price List

To order strings, send an email to: [email protected] Include the following information:

Accessories and Hardware

Bow Brand$10.50 $10.50 $14.00 $19.00 $28.00 $44.00
Bow Burgundy$9.00 $10.00 $11.00 $13.00 $20.00 $33.00 Wire
Lever gut$9.00 $9.00 $11.00 $13.00 $19.00 $25.00 $24.50 $25.00
Nylon pedal$6.75 $6.75 $8.00 $11.00 $14.00 $17.00
Concert wires$23.50 $25.50
Camac gut$14.50/16.5520.95/25.7531.85/39.3549.80/61.85
Synthetic Strings
Flurocarbon (KF)$6.25 $7.50 $9.50 $12.00 $20.50
Bow SilkGut (NylGut)$6.50 $7.00 $8.50 $12.00 $17.50
Folk StringsFolk Wire
Bow lever nylon$6.50 $8.00 $10.75 $14.00 $25.75 $22.50 $24.50
Mono nylon string$6.00 m
Nylon/Nylon$22.00 ea
Phos/Nylon$24.00 ea
Steel wrapped$25.00 ea
Music Wire$2.50 m
Guitar strings/Reverie strings$6.00 ea
Tuning Keys
Zither w/handle$30.00 ea
Rubber "T"$35.00 eaErgo $45
Wood "T" Dusty$35.00 ea
H&H Ergo wood$45.00 ea
Camac Rubber$45.00 ea    
Dusty Stnd$40.00     
Dusty Custom$85.00     
Dusty Adjustable$175.00
Dusty Strings DuoTune$160.00 Concert or Dusty versions
Dusty Strings adj DuoTune$245.00
Adjustable Ratchet$45.00
Clock key$15.00 ea
Chromatic Tuners    
Beam clip on$30.00     
Snark Clip on$30.00      
Korg CA-40$30.00      
Tuner clip on pickup$25.00      
Eagletone HT1000 Harp tuner$45.00 with clip on pickup    
Pick UpsInstallation available    
K&K Big Shot$85.00      
K&K Big Shot double$155.00     
Schaller /long male lead$85.00     
Schaller with female jack$95.00     
MiSi battery free$265.00     
Installed prices    
Dusty Strings 4 pickup harness$625.00     
L R Baggs I beam Pro$375.00      
Individula string pick upsP.A.     
Single Schaller installed$185      
Eyelets$0.35 ea     
Leather string washers$0.55 ea     
Bridge Pins    
Stnd Large$2.50 ea3/16" x 1 3/8"    
Threaded med pins$3.50 eaGold plated $4.5 each    
Threaded large pins$4.00 eaGold plated $5.50 each    
Tuning Pins    
zither pins$1.50 more than 25    
$1.95 less than 25    
#5 tapered pins$5.00 eaGold plated $7 each    
Threaded Dusty pins$6.00 ea    
Tuning Keys & String Buttons

Tuning Keys

Zither w/ wood$25.00ea
Rubber T$35.00ea
Rubber ergo$45.00ea
Dusty Standard T$45.00ea
Dusty Custom$95.00ea
H&H Ergo wood$55.00ea
Camac Rubber$55.00ea
Clock key$12.00ea
Dusty Strings adjustable $185.00 ea
Dusty Strings DuoTune $165.00 ea Concert or Dusty versions
Dusty Strings adj DuoTune $255.00 ea

String buttons

$20.00pack of 12
Tuning Pins
Zither pins$1.25less than 25
Zither Pins$1.75more than 25
#5 tapered pins$5.00ea
Threaded Dusty pins$6.00ea
Camac nickel$6.00ea
Camac gold$7.00ea
Bridge pins / Eyelets and Leather string washer
Bridge pins
Standard Medium$1.75ea5/32 X 1 1/16
Standard Large$2.25ea3/16 x 1 3/8
Threaded Dusty med pins$3.00ea
Threaded Dusty large pins$3.50ea
Camac thread bridge pins$5.00eaGold $6.00ea



Leather string washer

Chromatic Tuners
Beam clip on$30.00
Snark Clip on$30.00
Korg CA-40$30.00
Eagleton HT1000 Harp tuner$45.00with clip on pickup
Pick ups & Installed PricesInstallation available

Pick ups

K&K Big Shot$85.00
K&K Big Shot Double$155.00
Schaller/long male lead w plug$85.00
Schaller/female lead w jack$95.00
MiSi battery free$265.00

Installed prices

Dusty Strings 4 pickup harness$650.00
L R Baggs I beam Pro$375.00
Individual string pickup for electric harpP.A.

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