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About us

Our goal is to build the best sounding, well crafted harps possible.

We especially like to build custom harps, have been in business since the 1990’s and look forward to making your harp dream a reality. We build harps here in Australia for a worldwide market using high quality hardware and furniture/musical grade timber (wood). Harps of all types are possible whether they be labelled folk, Celtic, neo-Celtic, non-pedal, lever, single strung, double strung, chromatic, triple strung or cross strung harps.

In addition to more traditional harps, we have embraced modern technology and now produce a 6 kg 36 string all carbon fibre harp and a lightweight all carbon fibre 26 string therapy harp. We also make electric/acoustic harps with a pickup on each string and MIDI harps.

We repair and restore all types of harps with a specialty in modern and antique pedal harps.

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To augment the custom harps that we make, we have become dealers for several highly respected harp manufacturers worldwide. We believe that Camac Harps engineer today’s best pedal harps and have become dealers for Camac pedal, lever, and electric harps.

In addition, we strongly believe in the value that the folk harps made by Dusty Strings and Triplett harps in USA offer and we usually have several models in stock. We are also excited about the Harpsicle line of fun and affordable harps which we also usually stock.

Brandden and the Harps and Harps main office is located in Booral in the community of Hervey Bay, Queensland Australia. Here you will find a showroom with harps that we have in stock and we facilitate the sales of new and imported harps. We also have an extensive supply of strings available for most harps. We have expanded to Gympie, Queensland where Ziko heads up our main workshop where we make custom harps, do repairs and a showroom for harps that we make.

Harps are made by Ziko Hart and Brandden Lassells, Luthiers.

Brandden’s story of how he became a harp maker is unique. Being fascinated with the harp, he purchased one and started taking lessons, but was not that great at playing. It turns out that he was also at a turning point in his life and went away for several months on a solitary retreat with no power, telephone or running water, eventually returning to conventional life with the resolve to become a harp maker. After spending time researching harps and visiting other harp makers overseas (anywhere from days to 2 months with 10 different harp makers), he was sure that he could make a harp better than the one he had purchased. Upon returning to Australia his resolve to make harps was as strong as ever so he rented a factory, hung out a shingle and started making harps. Ever since making his first harp, he has had a waiting list.
Brandden has followed his dream by combining his love of working with timber and a love of harps, to create Harps and Harps. He combines his formal training (MFA from The School for American Craftsmen) with 50 plus years’ experience as a builder and craftsman.
Brandden has been joined by Ziko Hart; they enjoy being innovative with the custom harps they make.

Ziko is a well-known musician and creator of fine handmade African Harps. He spent time in Africa to learn about these instruments. Under his company, Harts Harps, he has made innovations such as hemp body harps as well as using traditional materials. His koras and other harps are sought by many.
In addition to selling quality imported harps, our goal is to produce excellent sounding custom harps. Our reputation for warm, rich sounding harps and many satisfied customers attests to the fact that we have reached this goal. We can make your dream reality.

Harps and Harps is operated by Brandden Lassells as a sole proprietor with Ziko Hart as associate Luthier.

We can make your harp dreamS rEAlity​