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Chromatic Harps

Harps and Harps are known the world over for their chromatic harps. We are one of a handful of harp makers worldwide making this type of harp. We are especially known as the only modern harp maker creating a “Pleyel” style chromatic harp with a wider crossing angle and pedal harp tension.

Chromatic harps have every note in the scale, diatonic plus sharps and flats available all the time in open strings. To compare to a piano, one set of crossing strings is like the white keys on the piano and the other crossing strings are like the black keys. There are basically two chromatic harp systems available, 7/5 and 6/6. We specialise in 7/5 versions.

In addition to numerous customers located in Australia, we have made chromatic harps for clientele  located in Austria, Sweden, Indonesia, India and the USA.

Our Southern Cross versions are available in various number of strings (ranges) and are “Celtic” shaped harp. Strung with nylon, wrapped nylon and steel wrapped strings. See some samples in the Gallery below.

Our one of a kind “Pleyel” style chromatic harps have NylGut or Gut pedal tension strings with pedal tension steel wrapped strings in the base. The basic model has a simple turned or “classic” column. All the “Pleyel” style harps made to date have been very customised as found in the Gallery below.

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Photo Gallery

Southern Cross


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