01 Skye Boat - Traditional Scottish Folk Song
02 Carolan’s Dream - Carolan
03 Greensleeves - Old English Folk Song
04 La Paloma Azúl - Mexican Folk Song arr by Samuel Mulligan
05 Sonatina in a Classic Style - Samuel O Pratt
06 Les Pifferars - Charles Francois Gounod
07 New Blues - Deborah Henson-Conant
08 Arpeggios, a short collection - Louise Johnson
09 Celtic Staved Harp
10 Christina Harp
11 Eclipse Harp
12 Jan Couchman playing H&H Therapy Harp
13 Donald Hall on H&H Chromatic I
14 Donald Hall on H&H Chromatic II
15 Donald Hall on H&H Chromatic III
16 Donald Hall on H&H Chromatic IV
17 Donald Hall on H&H Chromatic V
18 Donald Hall on H&H Chromatic VI

Sound Clips

To give you a better idea of the wonderful rich warm sound that typifies our custom made harps and for which we are known, we have attached some sound clips for your enjoyment.*

The first lot were recorded on a Kyla 36, played by Louise Johnson, Principal Harpist with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, teacher and performer.  The recording was done using a Minidisk Walkman in a room of our factory.  No enhancements nor special acoustics were used. We used a microphone placed about one meter from the harp.
The second lot, 6 pieces , were performed by Donald Hall - all on a Harps and Harps Chromatic harp.

*Please note that many mobile phones do not reproduce the sound correctly.
We therefore advise playing these sound clips on a system with adequate speakers or connecting bluetooth speakers to a mobile device.