Dusty Strings FH36S | Figured Cherry


36 strings, 5 octaves

·         All solid wood construction

·         Comfortable stave back design

·         Full set of Loveland sharping levers

·         Deluxe case

The FH36S has an ideal range for a full-size lever harp: five octaves, starting and ending on C. It surrounds the player with a round, full-bodied and well articulated sound, and its generous depth, power and responsiveness make playing seem effortless. It's a beautiful piece of fine woodworking and a satisfying investment for any harp enthusiast.

The sides and back of the soundbox consist of five facets of book-matched wood. This design puts a flat facet, rather than a corner, against the player's shoulder, which some find more comfortable and which makes it easier to reach the lower strings. This soundbox shape, as opposed to the rectangular soundbox of the FH36H, gives a subtly rounder sound with a slightly fuller bass voice.

The FH36S comes with a deluxe case and a custom tuning wrench