Carbon Fibre Harp

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Harps and Harps Kyla 36 Carbon fibre harp

Australian designed and made

Light weight, approximately 6 Kg depending on options Carbon fibre is a high tech material, often used in aerospace, civil engineering, military, high end sports cars, bicycles and now  harps; anywhere that strength, durability and light weight are important factors. Many designers and prestigious brands are now using this premium material due to its unique properties and high tech look. Carbon fibre’s weight to strength ratio is astonishing; it is stronger than steel yet lighter than aluminium. We designed, engineered and manufacture our fully carbon fibre harps here in Australia. Carbon fibre has been used for some time in other musical instruments and many traditional harps including our own use carbon fibre for reinforcement. Our aim is to make these harp as light as possible and yet keep the resonate sound that our harps are known for. We feel that we have accomplished this. So if you are finding your harp is getting heavier and more troublesome to move, our new light weight carbon fibre is just the thing for you. The added bonus is that a carbon fibre harp is just about indestructible for example it can be used in the rain, can be left in a hot car and will survive most bumps and knocks.

Standard finish is in natural black carbon fibre weave

Choice of:

Truitt gold plated levers with matching tuning pins


Camac silver coloured levers with matching silver coloured pins

Tall leg (150 mm, removable) option available at no charge in lieu of standard fixed feet

Extra options:

  • Camac gold levers and matching pins
  • Paint, automotive colours
  • Carry Bag
  • Pickups installed, from single Schaller to Dusty Strings 4 pickup systems
  • Dusty Strings 4 pickup system with jack
  • Fully acoustic/electric with a pickup on each string