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Classic 40/44

Classic 40/44

Classically styled non pedal harp with the appearance of a pedal harp.  String spacing, tension (high) and strings (base/gut/nylon) are the same as found on pedal harps. Upper strings radiate simular to Camac pedal harps.

  • Classic 40 with simple flared column, Tasmanian Blackwood
  • Classic 40, extended soundboard, Bubinga, ornate column, inlay and painted soundboardClassic 40 
  • Classic 44, custom order, in pearl white, extended soundboard, scroll carvings, extensive rose and acanthus leaf ornamentations, custom painted soundboard


  • 40 string, F 3 octaves below middle C to 1st C (ranges)
  • Approximately 165cm high (65″)
  • Deep harmonic curve neck 
  • Turned column with choice of design from simple to ornate
  • Tone wood soundboard
  • Rounded back
  • Full set of Truitt or Camac levers
  • Pedestal base
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Simular to above but with the addition of 4 more strings for a total of 44 strings ranging from F 6 to G 00.
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Note: the Classic 40/44 models do not include spare strings, but use standard “concert Strings”

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