Below are some links you may find useful:

International Society of Folk Harpers and Craftsmen

Chromatic Academy, Chromatic (cross strung) harps

Camac Harps

Dusty Strings

Venus Harps

Harpsicles harps

Truitt sharping levers

Harp Spectrum, lots of harp information

The NSW Harp Society website

The Queensland Harp Society

“Harp Lust” a listing of harp makers, harp vendors and other harp

AN extremely informative site all about harps by Peg, check this out

Everything you might want to harp about

Alexander Technique, for posture and musical benefit 

Other harp information sites

Harper Tasche, well known harp performer and composer, especially know for cross strung

Harp Therapy Journal

International Harp Therapy

Websites of harp teachers/performers

Karen Hickmott

Jayne Hockley

Moira Lawry

Marshall McGuire

Cliona Molins,

Owen Torr,

Anne Roos teacher and performer, get a free introductory Skype lesson when purchasing a harp from Harps and Harps

Other Australian harp sites of interest

Nicole Denington, Queensland harpist, her great CD Convergence was recorded using her Harps and Harps Classic 38 string 

Christina Sonnemann of Tasmania

Christina’s websites are:

 also, the Harp Society of Tasmania (Christina is President & Founder) is www.harpsociety.comBlythe, Queensland harp performer 

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