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Therapy Harp

Therapy Harp

In keeping with the standards of the International Harp Therapy Program our Therapy harp meets the recommended requirements:

  • Harps that have at least 22 strings from C below middle C up to the D above the high C. This enables the harpist to implement 56 moods of music.
  • Harps that have a mellow sound for patients who are experiencing pain and who are on morphine drips – this means the tension is slightly less than some harps built with tight string tension.
  • Harps that have a balance point and are lightweight so that the Harp Practitioner can hold the harp over the recipient without straining the forearm.  The column should fit comfortably in the hand and there should be space for the bottom strings to vibrate
  • A harp that has through pins, full set of Truitt metal levers and a strap for strolling and standing by the bedside

Our design has 26 strings and is designed to accommodate most brands of levers including Truitt.  The range is from C below middle C up to G. 

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